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Last update 2012, 27th of March  First created 2003, 13th of July
Welcome to Cracow.GayGuide.Net, Poland
Cracow Gay Guide This gay & travel guide website is made and permanently updated since 2003 in Cracow, Poland, in Central or Eastern Europe. At least twice per year we visit every place listed on this page and search for new places; we call every phone number and double check every detail. We hope it assists you to you in discovering this town. We enjoy to go everywhere and we are happy to share all the information with you to help you having a pleasant, uncomplicated and safe time without the hassle to figure out everything on your own. If you find anything that is not up2date please contact us rightaway. Tell us everything you know and we will go there and include it to this page. If you take pictures in Cracow contact us as well. We may use them for this page. We try to describe every place as detailed as possible because we want you to know what to expect before you go to a venue where you have never been before. Also we list entrance fees and other prices. We also have a list of places and groups that do not exist or are not gay anymore (You may find them still listed in other guides).

Support us today. Since 2003 we update this website and reply every email. This is a volounteer service and you can support it making a donation using your credit card. PayPal is our authorized payment processor. The credit card transaction will appear on your bill as 'PayPal'. PayPal protects your privacy and security. You choose the amount of your donation:

Cracows population is appr. 800.000 people. Best time to visit is from early April to middle of November. However, you will not find gay bars and dance clubs or cafés for a specific audience (like a leather bar, a rent boy bar, a bar for chubbies, etc.). Everyone goes to the same places (age or preference doesn't matter).

All gay accommodations listed in our guide are in the center of Cracow and we believe staying at gay accommodations makes it a lot easier to get access to Cracows gay life than if you stay islated at regular hotels. At check in the staff will take the time to give you all the infos that you need to get started. Our Cracow Gay Guide has also info about saunas, restaurants, media, groups and associations, condoms and lubricant, AIDS, events, cruising, sex shops, escorts, laws plus gay listings for Polands countryside and links.

Since low cost airlines started flying into and from Cracow there are more tourists coming than all the years before. Cracow is still not a major tourist destination, but gay accommodation is limited and we recommend to book early. Low cost airlines operating in Cracow are Centralwings www.centralwings.com; Easyjet www.easyjet.com; Germanwings www.germanwings.com; Wizz Air www.wizzair.com.

The chapter general tourist info gives you country facts (climate, time, money, national holidays); Info needed to travel to Poland (visa, airlines, trains, busses, ships and cars); travel in Cracow (map, public transport, taxis, rent a car, lost and found); and about communication (telecom, internet, dictionary, translations, interpreter, radio, TV) plus useful addresses (embassies, health, shopping, postal service, laundry, museums, galleries, tourist info) plus general links.

There is more we can do for you. First you should download and print the pdf file that we prepared and that includes all the info. Then you should subscribe to our newsletter. Don't worry, we send newsletters no more than four times per year. Next subscribe to the Gay Cracow Yahoo Group. Use the mailing list to introduce yourself to other users of this site and let others introduce themselves to you. Share info and experiences, and meet online before you maybe meet in Cracow. You may oder books and maps online. You may also get latest event info for the period you stay in Cracow. Currently we do not have gay tour guides, but we hope to find someone who can take you around. That can make it easier for you to discover the city and the gay places and can answer all your questions. And we offer translations of texts and interpreter for meetings. If you like this website you may donate for this website. Every (also small) donation will help to keep this site alive and to add more content in the future.

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