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Ciemnia Cruising Bar
Ulica Krowoderska 31 (Sródmiescie), 31-358 Krakow
Phone: +48 692 651 311 (during opening hours)
Email: Send Email
Web: Visit this link
(In the center. 5 minutes walk from the main railway station. From the railway and the bus station: Walk to Lubicz Street, take tram 2, 4, 5, 14 or 15; get off at the next stop (Basztowa LOT). Take the second turn on the right into Krowoderska Street and after a two minute walk you will see a passage next to a drugstore on your right. The black gate with Ciemnia logo at the end of the passage. Ring the doorbell, entrance to the backyard, then stairs to the basement.)
Gay Bar (men only), Cruising, Movies, Video, Cabins, Sling, Oralium, Darkroom
Ciemnia translated to English means Darkroom or Darkplace. Regular most popular underwear- and naked parties usually on the first Saturday of the month; on weekends Ciemnia is connected with the new gay music club Fresh (upstairs in the same building). Total 450 m2 fun area.
Sundays til Thurdays 8 pm until 2 am, Fridays 8 pm until 4 am; Saturdays 8 pm until 5 am.
$: Entrance fee 10 PLN (all days, updated in January 2011)

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  • Comment from Gérard, a visitor (September 2004): I had a short visit at the Ciemnia Club... I regret my visit. This men sex club nevertheless is well designed. It invites for adventure. But the welcome there is very unfriendly, esp. if you do not speak polish. The barman is incredibly unpleasant, not saying hello or good bye when you leave. You have only the feeling to disturb. Does he know how to smile or does he not like foreigners? Additionally to the entry fee of 7 sloty I paid, the prices for beverages is as double as generally in these kind of bars in Poland. I paid 16 zloty for 2 cola, which were even not cold. I advise not to visit this bar.
  • Comment from Emery, a visitor (July 2005): Down an alley with a buzzer at the end of the alley. We went on a thurs night late, was a bit quiet. There is an entrance fee of six zloteys and then you get a ticket for your drinks which you pay when you leave. small bar, dark dungen like place, a couple of porn tvs and places to watch, then a darkroom with a couple of lockalbe cabins. A good selection of local polish boys.
  • Comment from Andre, a visitor (August 2005): Has the Gerard been in the right Ciemnia? Very pleasant, nice looking, barman! And drinks for normal prices. (Beer 6 PLN) And above that great public. Especially Dominik, I'll won't forget you easily!
  • Comment from Waldir, a visitor (Oktober 2005): I just visited this place in Krakow last night. And I had the opposite impresion of the other comment. The place is clean and the people are cool. Mixed ages, the barman was very friendly. The baverage prices very good. I really reccomend this place and will be back there every time i go back to this beautiful city.
  • Comment from Stephen, a visitor (Februar 2006): I had a completely different experience from the other contributor. The barman spoke perfect English and could'nt have been more helpful. Recommended if you like cruise bars.
  • Comment from Peter, a visitor (Februar 2006): I went to Ciemnia a couple of times on my trip. I had a good time at this bar and i didn't think it was expensive, certainly not compared to London. There were different bar staff on each visit but each time they were friendly and welcoming, though i found it hard to talk to people because of the language problem. It was easy to find, with the directions from this site and busy on the Friday and Saturday. I didnt foool around in the club but there was action to had if you are looking for it.
  • Ronny wrote in December 2006: Ciemnia is one a the best clubs in the area. It is very clean, modern and attract a diverse crowd. Highly recommended.
  • John wrote in June 2007: Visited there in December 2006. Great great club, very friendly staff and you feel very welcome. Nice bar area and seating area just to sit, relax and watch some porn. Gloryholes for those who are interested and some clean hygenic cabins if you find the right guy. Went there 3 nights and met wonderful guys there. Will definitely be back. Go there, you won't be dissapointed.
  • David wrote in January 2007: Very friendly staff (cheeky too). Excellent fun and reasonable prices. A pretty good assortment of men as well. Cabins with gloryholes, busy on Saturdays.
  • Jim wrote in February 2007: What more can a man require, pleasant and clean surroundings, dark room and movies, 2 brilliant bar staff, Donald & Lukas, extremely inexpensive beer and spirits. Friendly people within the bar. Get pissed and taxi home and change from £20.00, when could you last do that in the UK? Seriously, a fab. fab. fab. night(s) out.
  • Tim wrote in February 2007: I visited this club whilst on a stay in Krakow, I found it to be very pleasant! Bar man was extrememly helpfull and friendly, and spoke excelent english! The prices have changed though Sunday to Thursday now 9 PLN, and friday and saturday now 15 PLN. Lots of action there if thats what you want, more younger guys later on though. Overall very decent place. Oh and drinks prices very cheap I thought, 6 PLN for bottled beer. Cheap enough I think! Give it a try worth a visit!
  • Per wrote in April 2007: Have to agree with everyone else and disagree with Gérard. I think that it is a shame that his posting is the first comment that anyone sees about Cienmina because he is wrong. Went to Ciemnia twice in April. Although it was quite (because there weren't many people – I went on a Monday and Wednesday evening), it was still busy. Bar staff spoke good English and were friendly and helpful; some of the other customers didn't speak very good English but were still very very friendly! It isn't expensive compared to gay bars in major cities in the rest of Europe.
  • Pierre wrote in May 2007: A very friendly place! And easy to find just outside the old city. Upon arrival the barman explains in perfect english the entrance fee ( 9 PLN on weekday and 15 on weekend) and the payment for drinks (a beer 4 PLN). The place is very clean with a mixed population. A lot of fun! I recommend it!
  • Alberto wrote in June 2007: I visited Ciemnia several times during a long 7 week visit to Poland and I just simply loved it. The bartender was especially helpful and spoke very good English. His looks were terrific and the service impeccable. Most guys I met were Polish and although I speak not a word of Polish I never felt I needed to speak at all, for body language took care of the rest. I am of Spanish origin and find Polish people extremely handsome and well endowed. I could not have had a better welcome in such an interesting city. I highly recommend this place and its people.
  • Gordon wrote in September 2007: I am from UK and I was at the Ciemnia in Cracow few days ago, and I will tell you what do I think about the club. Terrible. The smell is unbearable and the people there, this is probably the worst bar that I went to. Just from the entrance, It was interesting but after going in, oh,oh, terrible. The smell was killing me, the people, the toilets. And than if you want to have sex you have to get a condom, You had to pay for it. And talking about safe sex in Poland, it was a terrible experience for me. And on the top of all, they lie to customers by telling them that they are the only Gay Sex Club in Cracow, this is not the only gay club for men in Cracow. The BlueXL is another one. Much better, cleaner, bigger, better, and had much more good looking guys (condoms are free there). The gay community deserves a nicer, cleaner and more friendly for sex people and place. They probably think that gay people should be happy with what Ciemnia is giving them. I do not recommend to go and visit ciemnia at all, but I highly recommend to go and have fun in BlueXL. It was great. In UK in all sex clubs is free lube and condoms. How much one life is worth? A price of Condom for 1 PLN. In Ciemnia! I am going to report this to Gay Coalition in UK.
  • Gordon wrote in January 2008: Visited the Ciemnia twice over the weekend. Staff very friendly, made our night! Plenty of action going on if thats what you look for. Worth a visit.
  • Tomek wrote in August 2008: I was concerned after reading some poor reviews but after (eventually) finding this place I went in. It's quite hard to find and a local rent boy made me pay him to show me where it was! I found it very friendly but not many customers spoke english on the evening I visited. Dont be put off by the dark atmosphere. The guys are very friendly and they all seemed to like English. It would be very very easy to get laid pretty quickly. Its a very sexual place. I didn't tell anyone that I spoke Polish and listened to a few locals discussing me which was horny! I would/will go again.
  • Chris wrote in November 2008: I went to the Cinema Club on a Monday, on the independance day, it was quite busy and a really good experience. The people were very friendly. The barman speak perfect English and explained the system of the place: You pay 10 PLN as entrance fee and that includes one drink. An aditional beer was 5,50 PLN. Mixers were 8 PLN. The people were nice and talky, mostly locals. Action was taking part in the back cabins. Some of the guys made a gesture like to dink a toast to invite you to aproach. I met nice guys. It is recomendable.
  • Chris wrote in December 2008: took me a wile to find it, up a little side street, between buildings but What a great place, not into the sex club scene myself but the bar man was nice and helpfull and spoke english and got talking to another of the bar men who's day off it was. Was invited back there for new year party! They were great i would go there again defo!
  • Liam wrote in July 2009: I paid 11 PLN cover charge upon entry. I was given a bar card where the drinks I consumed would be recorded. I put it in my sock as I was told it would cost me 100 PLN if I lost it. The cloakroom attendant took my jacket. So far, the people were very friendly. I took a walk around the place. The club comprised three sections. In the middle was the reception, a bar and a lounge. To the right were a maze and a dark room. To the left were a video room and a small suckatorium behind that viewed onto the screen in the video room. The suckatorium was not mentioned in the gay guide. I think it is an Aussie term, elsewhere they are just called glory holes. There were about 20 mainly young guys, not a big crowd, and they were just cruising around and nothing much happening except in the suckatorium. The upper tier was always full so it seemed there were more suckees than suckers. At one stage, I was the only one in the lower tier and 3 guys were sharing my service on a rotating basis. One guy actually cummed. I was told by a friend to expect big cocks but they were only a few of them here tonight. A young polish guy and I ran into each other and we had a great time together. Crowd gathered around to look at us. He asked me in English to go home with him. But I was not prepared to go to a stranger’s house in a new city. So we continued, lewdly exposed, under the gaze of all the guys, a few even came forward to give a helping hand. Again, like in other cruise clubs I have been to in Europe, no condom and lube could be found. But I brought my own. As the night went, there was some action in the dark room but as wild as I have wanted it. However the suckatorium more than made up for that and I actually stayed till 2:45am.
  • Jose wrote in August 2009: Very nice place. Entrance 11 PLN (a drink without alcohol included), the beer and Vodzka 7 PLN. Cheap and nice. People fun and darkroom very crowded at weekends. It's little but maybe one of the best place in Kracow. Strongly recommended. Foreigners especially welcome.
  • Chris wrote in December 2009: I visited Ciemnia Club two times in September 2009 and must really say I enjoyed it. Friendly staff, good beer, and guests of all ages. Glad to say that most of them were very much the 'boy-next-door'-type (but this may have been a lucky coincidence)! The cruising labyrinth was small compared to other places.
  • Stefan wrote in February 2010: Visited December 2009. I visited the bar on a Saturday night and had a great time. The bar man spoke perfect English. I think it goes a long way to learn a few basic phrases in Polish to be polite and show that you have made an effort. On seeing this the staff are happy to speak in English. The staff and customers were very friendly, chatty and made me feel very welcome.
  • Stefan wrote in August 2010: Nice and easy cruise bar with lots of action ´backstage´. Mixed crowed with some tourists. I liked it very much. Extremely friendly staff, english (some german as well) speaking, lovely. Not expensive. Once a month underwear party, otherwise normal bar with cruising.
  • Valery wrote in June 2011: Basically a sex club (i. e. a big dark room). 10 zl cover fee. Not easy to find: At the end of a corridor next to Giraffe's Hostel. Well designed, small bar, nice/friendly barman but empty of men as my arse can be of you know what.
  • Jack wrote in August 2011: I was there 13 Aug 2011. I visited Krakow with my straight buddies so I didn't get a chance to slip away from them until 4 am. I arrived at Cinema at nearly 5 am. I was buzzed in anyway and it was just the bartender and he told me the place was closed. I was bummed but he offered to give me a tour of the place first and offered me a drink. Needless to say, he took very good care of me (and spoke perfect English). He was not only super kind but damn sexy. This was my first ever sex club experience. I didn't get his name but if he reads this, thank you!

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