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Kryspinow Beach
A beach (partly nude sun bathing) at the artificial lake in Kryspinow, very close to the Balice Airport. It's a public operated beach, it belongs to the Kryspinow comune. You have to pay 5 PLN to enter.
(Take bus 192 and then 15 minutes walk, there are busses from the final station at Zwierzyniec too)
$: Entrance fee 12 PLN

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  • Violet wrote in August 2006: To be completely honest darlings, Kryspinow is full of old men with purple heads and white bodies. Gender is difficult to ascertain as the residents of this beach have bellies which look not a day under eight months pregnant. Although I did see a tasty looking odbyt or two.
  • Jim wrote in May 2007: Well, Poland is a very catholic & conservative country, we will leave that comment by the front door shall we. Having visited various pieces of the gay scene in Krakow, I was very surprised at what I found here. I drove from Krakow to the beach, not expecting anything at all I was utterly shocked and flabergasted. This place is amazing. The approach road is full of pot holes, just like the main roads, and the place was full of familes. The site is very large, there are various recretatons actitives going on (mostly on/in the water). When you get to the actual beach area it is on a hilly slope. Some tree/folage cover at the back, it looks to be quite mixed, but once you strip off and wonder about, you soon notice that the familes and the women are all at the one end. You eventually realise that you are surrounded by men, all ages, not just the more mature gents, but all ages. This place is a goldmine for eye candy, lots of guys wondering about, absolutley starkers. The place does have a problem with ants, but you can ignore them, just sit and observe the views, they are stunning. Dont forget the sceneic views also. Spend a day here, its well worth it. I think there is some sex going on in the fields towards the back, but didn't see any. I also noticed a helicoter flying about overhead on a regular basis and flying low over the fields at the back, so care required. Wonder about, its brilliant, I also noticed some very cute heterosexual carvorting about with their girlfriends and doing nothing to conceal their bulging shorts, so come for the day, wonder about and see a part of Poland that you will enjoy.
  • Vincent wrote in June 2011: Take bus 239 or 269 from Salvator. Then 20 minutes later, get off a Kryspinow stop. Walk along the street ahead and 300 meters on your left you see pine trees and the lake, pay the 12zt fee to get in and walk 10 minutes to the top right corner where you will find behind the hill the nude part, pass the mix part and then you are in the gay men area. Nice water. busy with mix selection of old and young.

Spartakus Sauna
ulica Konopnickiej 20, 30-302 Krakow
Phone: +48 12 266 60 22
Email: No email
Web: Visit this link
(Close to the center of the city: 10 minutes walking from the Main Square, opposite to the Royal Castle Wawel)
Gay Sauna, Darkroom
The only gay sauna in Malopolska region. Since 1990. 500 sqm on 3 floors. Finnish sauna and steam room, relax spaces, cafeteria, solarium during the summer, mini fitness, cabins and lockers, sun deck. A unique opportunity of nude sun bath in the center of the city with a view on Vistula river. Don't expect a very modern sauna. The staff is friendly.
Monday to Saturday from 11 am till 11 pm; Sundays from 2 pm till 9 pm
$: Entrance fee 28 PLN

Have you visited this location? If so, tell us about it. Click here and let us know.

  • Comment from Costas, a visitor (July 2005): Very clean, friendly and inexpenssive. People very relaxed, and the international guests was very much welcomed by the locals. A multilingual owner, very helpfull indeed.
  • Comment from David, a visitor (November 2005): I visited this sauna last Wednesday. It was clean and there were some very friendly, attractive young guys. I soon found out however that they were only interested in doing things for money.
  • Kris wrote in August 2007: I came by this place by pure chance and thought I'd explore. The staff very helpful and friendly, the guests quite aged and rugged. The few young guys that were there were only interested in your money. The place itself could do with a re-vamp, as it looked quite shabby down in the Steam and Sauna room. The dark room was like an obstacle course of platic garden furniture, however the relax area was clean and pleasant with cheap drinks, TV, and internet. 25 PLN entrance fee, additional towels 2.50, individual changing cabins included in price.
  • Liam wrote in July 2009: When I checked into Sauna Spartakus at 3:30pm on 12/07/09, I was a bit surprised to be greeted by a middle aged plump looking woman at the reception. It was the first time I saw a member of the opposite sex in a gay sauna. I paid 27 Zloty entrance fee and was shown the locker room. The venue comprised 3 levels. The middle (street) level was where the reception was together with a computer room that had only one computer, and a lounge showing mainstream TV. All the wet facilities including a steam room and a dry sauna were in the basement. There was also a very dark and wet chill out room with about 9 sunbathing beach chairs. Upstairs from the reception housed the “lockers” which were actually walk in dunny sized cubicles. And there were many of them. I thought it was very uneconomical use of the space especially when there were no proper cubicles for guys to have a bit of privacy. If I were to rate this place, I would give it 3 stars out of 5 for standard of facilities, and that was being generous. The patrons were older and some were really obese. There was a good cross section of shapes and sizes and I thought a few were actually quite good looking. In any case, this was more of a recovery day for me and I wasn’t looking to hit up with anyone. After a sweat in the dry sauna, I had a lie down in the chill out room. That was the only place where one could have a lie down. A guy came along and sat next to me. He touched me and we played a bit until he started talking to me in Polish. From his hand signals, I could tell he wanted money but I pretended I couldn’t understand him. After he left, I could not get much rest either because other guys kept coming over and just dropped their towels in front of me. Some were contented with a blow and go, others wanted a more intimate kiss and cuddle. After a tempestuous climax with a guy who had just arrived from UK for a holiday, we chatted a bit and he said he just had a massage from the resident masseur and highly recommended it. At 90 Zloty (AUD 40) for an hour, or just 18 pounds, he thought it was very reasonable. The masseur was cute and young and very tall too. He gave a very soothing massage I almost fell asleep under his hands although there were moments when he got a bit too close and I got an erection. As expected, there was no happy ending. When I went upstairs to pay for the massage and the woman said 'you pay me now, 90 Zloty', I decided that I was not going to give her the tip. When I saw the masseur again 5 min later, I waved him over to the locker room, and slipped him a 20 Zloty note. For all I knew, that was probably all he got from the establishment. He said thank you and happily wandered off. The time was 7:30pm. I noticed the number of patrons had dwindled as the sauna would close in one and a half hour. I went into the steam room to have another sweat before leaving. I saw a horny middle aged bottom there and he just let anybody entered him without condom. One older obese man was constantly trying to touch me and despite being told in no uncertain term at least half a dozen times I wasn’t interested, he would sneak back when I was playing with other men. I thought that was probably a good time to leave.
  • Trentini wrote in August 2010: Absolute disappointment. I have been to many many saunas around the world, but this one won the prize for the Dead Gay Men Walking prize! The place was crowded but the youngest lad was 50 years old. Facilities not really clean, and a stench of urine permeated the whole building. No food of any sort is offered and the only good thing was the computer internet/access free which many of the patronisers used to access porno videos. If for the mere price of 10 Euros, I still would not recommend this place to anyone
  • Richard wrote in April 2011: I visited this sauna April 2011, and although very dated and different to saunas in the West. I had a good time in the end. The entrance fee has gone up tp 28; and yes, there are a lot of older guys, but that basically means that 20 and 30 somethings will always find a like minded person. I had fun with some hot local guys. I cant help but think that the large changing rooms are large for a reason - eg go in and have fun with a friend - I know I did! Also, no middle aged woman at the entrance anymore, which I agree would be strange. Pop in on a Sunday afternoon like I did, it is worth the cheap entrance. BUT ... be careful of slipping on the hard tiles downstairs, there are no warnings and in the dark it is a miracle no one has cracked ther heads open. UK Health and Safety warning over!
  • Alf wrote in May 2011: There is a nice place. Easy for find, when you cross the bridge, left side you will see. Nice polish dads. Now is 28 PLN.
  • Franck wrote in June 2011: Went there at about 8pm. Unfriendly young tenant. Three of us. Good and spacious installations in the basement but dated (brown tiles...). Plenty of space on the ground floor and 1st floor. Boring but might be there too late.
  • Paul wrote in July 2011: I visited this sauna in July 2011. I was massively disappointed with the venue. It was not very clean, and extremely unfriendly. The staff were far too bust reading or texting to be bothered with the customers. The customers were few and mainly old guys. The whole experience was awful. I would not recommend this place to anyone. I left within the hour feeling as frayed as the rotten towels.

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